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This book is an invitation to take a seat behind the steering wheel of your own life, on a daily basis! To define your destination, even if the route leads across bumpy pathways or you must cross some mud here and there. Each page breathes love and the profound hope that you will grab hold of the steering wheel and press down the throttle. Because this is also possible for you! At some point, we all drive through the mud, we reach a roadblock, or we are redirected via different roads. And sometimes life decides to park you on the road service area, or at least this is how it feels. All true.
Follow the route and keep on driving. You will be greatly astonished of what lies behind the corner or appears on the horizon!

One of Inge’s talents is to translate the complex theory of quantum physics into a language everyone understands and can apply in his or her own life. And with this book, she really succeeded in doing so.

Inge Rock - 150 p - E-book & E-pub