Who is Inge Rock?

Inge started her coaching business in the old house of her grandparents in Tienen, Belgium, her hometown. In the front there was a retail space which had been vacant for years. With sponges, cloths and many bottles filled with degreaser she was able to transform the dusty room into her own coaching practice.


Within a year the business became literally too small and Inge knew she needed to expand. Her schedule was full of coaching appointments. People came all the way from Bruges, Eindhoven and Maasmechelen to receive coaching by Inge in Tienen. Especially enterpreneurs, artists and future coaches found their way to the Vierde Lansierslaan. The Inge Rock Academy came into being.


Entrepreneur pur sang

You know, that pure entrepreneurial blood. Wanting more, wanting better, more efficient, generating more and more sales. It is the drive of every entrepreneur. Inge has always been an entrepreneur. As a child she already had entrepreneurial blood in her veins. Selling toilet paper for the boyscouts, concert tickets for the youth choir, raffle tickets for school. She loved this. She would go door to door selling. Inge has always loved people and has unconsciously always taken the lead: leader of the boyscouts, leader of the choir, leader in her class, leader in her own perfumery store, leader in her academy.

Without knowing it, she was not only an entrepreneur, but also a very talented teacher and manager. Inge has always had and continues to have a positive impact on people.

What are Inges major skills?

Inges knowledge and understanding of the Mind and Human Potential is extensive. Her work is based on the principles of Dr. Thurman Fleets concept therapy , neuroscience, epigenetics and metaphysics, but Inge’s talents aren’t in what she knows but how she can take the most complex scientific ideas and principles and translate them into teachings that even a 10 year old could understand. Inge is a master story teller and her teachings are deep and yet easily relatable.

Inge is all about Energy Management but she herself is the epitome of energy. Her lessons are exciting, interesting, fun, light, and when needed straight forward, no nonsense Truths. Prepare to be inspired at another level!


Dutch & English

What topics is Inge known for?

The power of the mind

You become what you think

Ego: the devil inside of us that destroys our lives

Transformational processes: lasting change

Life’s principles and codes

Become aware of what you truly want


Law of attraction and all universal laws and principles

Coaching: the communication tool of the new leader

Turning ideas into realities

Inge Rock

Impressions of Inge

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